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Moving V. Staying

Compare some of the differences between a nursing home and home care below and see how a nursing home could be the wise choice for your family.

Moving to a Nursing Home

at Home

Emergency Assistance

Staff on duty 24 hours per day and an emergency alert system in each room

Anxiety over whether help will be available immediately should you need it


Appropriate, discreet support provided by a caring staff, which leads to greater independence

Greater dependence on others for assistance with daily tasks; feeling like a “nuisance”

Social Life

Company of other people as and when you choose with opportunities to take part in activities every day

Loneliness and isolation


Having company for your meals; freshly prepared food; all special diets monitored and catered for

Cooking for yourself; eating alone; pre-packaged meals; difficulty following special dietary guidelines


Scheduled car & transport service always available for appointments and outings

Reliance on others’ availability to get to and from appointments, events and activities


Daily fitness opportunities available to help increase mobility, strength and overall wellness

Limited or no access to adequate exercise programs and equipment


Housekeeping, personal laundry and maintenance looked after by professional staff

Worries about household chores and maintenance

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