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Getting older brings its own challenges.

These challenges can be even more significant if the person being cared for is also resistant to accepting help.

Firstly you have to remember that if your loved one is in need of care then they are at a stage of their lives when they have to cope with their own challenges – for example physical loss, mental loss, or loss of independence.

This can be difficult for them to accept, and they could also be facing the challenge that they might think it is a sign of weakness to accept outside assistance. They may feel angry at having to accept care, guilty or confused as they might not understand they need help.

When providing care there are a number of considerations you have to bear in mind.

As we get older we are increasing the likelihood of getting ill, and less tolerant leaving us susceptible to stress. This means that elderly care needs to plan for the possibility of illness from environmental toxins, infections, accidents, and stress.

Many older people are healthy and active. However, science shows that our body biologically starts to slow from the age of 35 onwards and it is estimated that we start to lose our organs’ functions at an approximate rate of 1% per year.

This often results in:

These biological and behavioural changes do not mean that elderly care is a must, but appreciating what happens as we get older will help us be informed of the best approaches to elderly care and treatment.

FirstCare has been providing the highest standards of elderly care for since 2002. We have nursing homes across Ireland staffed by fully trained nurses to care for the frail and elderly with years of experience in dealing with the challenges of caring for the elderly, and training in dementia care.

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