We understand that the decision to move into long term care can be a difficult one and can potentially cause a great deal of stress to families. We will work with you along the way to make your transition as smooth as possible so when you move into a FirstCare Nursing Home we will become part of your support network and we will encourage you to become part of our extended family within the Home.

We want you to feel at home with us and will encourage you to bring personal items such as photographs, ornaments and pictures into your room. In consultation with the Home Manager, small items of furniture like an armchair or small cabinet can be taken in to help make your room feel like yours with the familiarity of your cherished belongings around you.

On the day of admission we will introduce you to the team and to other residents if you wish. We will also start your assessments but this will take a few days and then we can agree your full care plan. We will respect your wishes with regard to meeting others, participating in the activity programme, where you wish to dine and other decisions. Finally every effort will be made by us to assist you to maintain the routine you had at home as much as possible for habits like times for rising in the morning and retiring in the evenings.

Some residents who come to live with us settle in overnight and others take longer as the process of settling in is a very personal and individual experience. Some residents have made their own decision to come into live in the Home and feel in control of the decision and this can help them to adjust more easily.

Other residents may have just spent a long period of time in hospital and may prefer to go home but find that the supports required are not available to them at home and they are coming to terms with this reality and the option to come into a Home for 24hour care is perhaps their second choice but one they have to select. We are very sensitive to all of the dynamics that are involved and acknowledge that moving full time to a Nursing Home is a very significant event for the residents and all the family and involve an amount of different emotions.

We ask you and your family to share your feelings and worries with us at all times but particularly in the early days so we can work with you to achieve absolute contentment and peace of mind for you. The key to success is good timely two way communication between us.