What is the UVC Robot and how does it work?

LAST UPDATED: 01/12/2020

Firstcare’s mission is “to provide the highest standard of safety and care for all our residents using a collaborative approach and evidence-based data

Our approach to Covid-19 is to ensure that :

  • All our homes are led by a Senior Nurse Management Team with several years’ experience in all aspects of care and infection control procedures . 
  • Our staff are routinely tested for Covid -19 .
  • All residents who are being admitted to any of our homes are pre-tested prior to admission.
  • Residents and staff have their temperatures monitored  daily. 
  • All staff have updated monitored training in Infection Prevention and Control Techniques i.e. Hand Hygiene and donning/diffing of PPE’s, social distancing etc.,  
  • We adhere strictly to Public Health Guidelines.
  • We provide and maintain  a plentiful supply of PPE.
  • We provide safe spaces for visiting in line with public Health Guidelines including newly built “Visitors Gazebos”. These structures provide a comfortable and private area for families to enjoy visits with their loved ones.
  • We are the first Nursing Home group to invest in The UVC Robot . This robot ensures all Firstcare Homes are maintained to the highest of standards.

What is the UVC Robot and how does it work ?

UVC Robot

The UVC disinfection and sterilization robot kills germs in the environment by decomposing their DNA structures, thus preventing, and reducing the spread of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microorganisms.

UVC and Coronavirus

Proper sanitisation and cleanliness to prevent COVID-19 is a real concern for us to ensure our environment is maintained to the highest of standards . While manual cleaning can provide a high level of prevention, there’s still room for error. Investing in UVC disinfection is the best way to ensure the highest standards of prevention, ensuring all surfaces and areas are entirely virus-free.

How does UVC work?

UVC works to kill microorganisms, such as fungi, viruses, and bacteria, through a specific light wavelength. The power of UVC is in its ability to destroy the proteins within these microorganisms, rendering them entirely harmless. The concept of UVC is not new for many medical, lab and hospital settings, where high-end UVC technology is already used in concentrated form for sanitising tools and materials. Our technology aims to bring UVC to more extensive areas than small, contained spaces, providing higher levels of protection for all.

The robot is activated using a Tablet device. The robot assesses the size of the room requiring decontamination. The robot is operated remotely from outside the room and takes approximately 8 minutes to decontaminate an area.

Environmentally safe and friendly to use.

How it works

FirstCare was founded in 1994 by Mervyn Smith, and our care brand name, FirstCare, was carefully chosen as it emphasizes our commitment to deliver holistic person centred care with compassion and kindness to all our residents.

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