Turas Anam Men’s Shed at Mountpleasant Lodge

LAST UPDATED: 24/04/2019

The gentlemen of MountPleasant lodge, Kilcock Co. Kildare are very proud and excited to be featured as one of the latest members of the Irish Association of Men’s Shed in Ireland. Although the Men’s Shed was only launched in April this year, they have ploughed ahead, driven by the belief that a resident’s life does not need to be limited just because they are in a Nursing Home.

Encompassing and fostering the mission statement of the IMSA, the Gentlemen of Mountpleasant Lodge, have named their Shed ‘Turas Anam’ meaning ‘Souls Journey’. The primary focus of Turas Anam is to provide an opportunity for male residents to come together, share their life stories, use their previous learned life skills and learn new skills throughout the journey of later life. This also encompasses Mountpleasant Lodge and FirstCare’s own ethos of LOVE LATER LIFE!. In Mountpleasant Lodge the residents and staff are building their own community within the home and have a safe place to do so.

This group of ‘shedders’ value their time together and the joy received from this is immeasurable. Activities are varied and wide ranging. The shedders meet regularly for arts and crafts, planting and gardening, woodwork, painting, pottery, baking, reminiscence and of course tea and lengthy chats! The group has proven to be a great success, driven tirelessly by Mary O Keeffe, the Home Manager, and the home’s Social Care Leaders, Jackie Kelly and Tony O’ Connor. Where Craic is always top of the list ensuring the shed is person centred and led by the resident’s preferences, needs, wishes and desires.

Activities is the primary focus of the ‘shedders’ in Mountpleasant Lodge as well as a strong community and social inclusion ethos in recognition of the sole and combined interest’s of the members.

Research has shown that men in Ireland are less likely to engage and socialise as they get older, it is no secret that men are socially very different to women. Good mental and physical health is based on many factors including feeling good about yourself, being productive, contributing to your community, connecting with friends and maintaining an active body and mind. Being a member of a Men’s Shed provides a safe and meaningful environment where men can find many of these things in an atmosphere of old-fashioned friendship. More importantly, there is no pressure to engage or participate. The shedders can just come and have a chat and a cup of good old fashioned tea.

Members of Turas Anam, Mountpleasant Lodge Men’s Sheds, come from all walks of life – the bond that unites them is that they are men who have only known work and labour all their life and now retired they wish to continue to do something meaningful and valuable with the time they have on their hands.

Although it is still in its infancy the Men’s Shed in Mountpleasant Lodge is helping men to once again become valued and productive members of their local community learning and engaging in later life. The entire team in Mountpleasant Lodge is looking forward to striving onwards to ensure their Men’s Shed continues to be a success both in the Nursing Home and the greater community.

You can see more about the great of the Men’s Sheds in Ireland on their website.

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