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LAST UPDATED: 05/09/2019
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As we get older the issue of care starts to become very important.  While many people can remain in their home or with family, this is not always an option.  For some it might involve moving overseas.  Moving country at any time is a huge step in itself.  Combine that with the added considerations involved when thinking about nursing home care and it can feel overwhelming.  First and foremost, it’s essential to do your homework.

What types of nursing home care is there in Ireland?

When considering a move from one nursing home in the UK to Ireland, start with identifying what options there are.  Ireland has public, private and voluntary nursing homes.  Private nursing homes are run by businesses, public ones by the Health Service Executive (HSE) and voluntary ones by charities or religious orders.  Once you have an idea of the type of nursing home you are looking at you can start to investigate.  Our nursing homes are located in Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare.

What is the cost of nursing homes in Ireland?

The cost of a nursing home in Ireland can vary greatly depending on lots of factors such as the type of nursing home you choose, the location, personal financial circumstances, etc.  The latest figures from the HSE released in 2019 estimate that the average cost of nursing home care is €1615 per week. 

In Ireland there is a Nursing Homes Support Scheme (known as the ‘Fair Deal Scheme’) which provides financial support to people who need long-term nursing home care.  Anyone who is ordinarily a resident of the State is eligible for the scheme.  An ordinarily resident means that you have been living in the State for at least a year or that you intend to live in Ireland for at least a year.

How do you choose a nursing home in Ireland?

Choosing a nursing home is a big decision and not one that people take lightly.  Firstly, it’s important to assess the care home is able to meet the care needs of the person.  Then when assisting someone with a move into care it can be helpful to involve them in any way you can.  Think about day to day what’s important to the person.  A new ‘hotel style’ home might seem attractive initially but isn’t for everyone.  In longer-term care other homely comforts and factors such as activities and food can be more significant.

In Ireland the Health Service Executive (HSE) and Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA)have detailed guides on nursing homes and standards in areas all over Ireland. 

Is there any support for moving nursing home from the UK to Ireland?

Irish citizens advice or information can help answer questions with regards to a nursing home move from the UK to Ireland.  The HSE and Nursing Homes Ireland (NHI) will also have more information and lists of homes in Ireland.  Here at Firstcare we have a Fair Deal specialist who is on offer with free advice on any Fair Deal queries that may arise in the process of moving nursing homes.

FirstCare was founded in 1994 by Mervyn Smith, and our care brand name, FirstCare, was carefully chosen as it emphasizes our commitment to deliver holistic person centred care with compassion and kindness to all our residents.

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