Nekemte, Ethiopia

Fr. Workineh was deeply involved in Beneavin House for two years celebrating Mass and the Sacraments weekly. He was genuinely loved and respected by all of the residents and staff of Beneavin.

Fr. Workineh has also worked in the Nekemte Diocese in Ethiopia where poverty is one of the greatest enemies. The main focus of the diocese at present is to provide clean water to the hundreds of rural families. Their secondary focus is to provide an education to the boys and girls of the parish.

In Nekemte, there are 21 main churches and 75 chapels, 10 primary schools, 3 kindergartens, over 25 playgroups and 13 clinics. The also have programes on gender and equality in each parish, HIV/AIDS awareness creation, youth activity, sanitation and clean water programes.

The residents of Beneavin House unanimously decided that the proceeds of the Summer BBQ raffle be given to Fr. Workineh to help with the fantastic work currently ongoing in Nekemte.