Food And Nutrition

Food and drink are an important part in all our lives, and a particularly enjoyable experience at FirstCare care homes.

Our teams of experienced chefs ensure every meal is not only delicious but reflects each individual’s likes, dislikes and dietary needs.

A Typical Menu


Country Vegetable Soup
(contains celery)

Main 1

Savoury Minced Beef
(contains wheat)

Main 2

Baked Trout with Parsley Sauce
(contains milk)

Mashed Potatoes (contains milk)

Baton Carrots                          
Garden Peas

Chicken & Salmon Available on Request
L = Suitable for Liquidised Dinners

All Our Beef is 100% Irish and has Full Traceability.


Choice of teas (English breakfast, mint, green) or coffee with homemade cakes and biscuits.

Choc Chip & Orange Sponge (contains egg, wheat & milk)

With Custard (contains milk)

Jelly & Ice Cream (contains milk)
Fresh Fruit Salad

Evening Tea

Cauliflower & Broccoli Soup
(contains celery & milk)

With Sandwiches
(contains milk, egg, wheat & fish)

Fresh Sandwich of your Choice to Order

Ham/Tuna/Cheese Salad to OrderFried/Poached/Scrambled Egg to Order

Fresh and Tasty

Dietary requirements

Whether it’s a wholesome shepherd’s pie or a more exotic gourmet delight, our policy is to make sure every meal is nutritionally balanced and made from the best and freshest local ingredients. All our menus offer choices of main meals, and we will supplement these with alternatives for people who want something different.

Alongside home-made meals, a range of snacks is available each day for the people living in our homes to enjoy.

For residents that have difficulties in swallowing we modify the menu of the day so that is it a soft, palatable dish.  To support our chefs in producing these dishes, our hospitality and catering manager organises theory and practical workshops.  

Our practical workshops involve all chefs learning about dysphagia and producing these modified menus. The chefs prepare fork mashable and thick puree meals to the correct consistency, taste and presentation; and then ensure all modified menus served are presented correctly for our residents.

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