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FirstCare is committed to providing Person Centred care in accordance with evidence based practice. We will ensure that all our residents live in an environment that is comfortable, safe and clean with the greatest dignity, support and respect possible awarded to them by appropriately qualified and trained staff.

We value the resident’s physical, social, spiritual and psychological well-being and will strive to become familiar with, retain, share and enjoy the individual personhood of residents living with us.


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Firstcare Ireland caters to all levels of levels of care of the elderly, the long-term care, convalescence, bringing relief to dementia and Alzheimer’s.

We realize that the choice of a nursing home for an employer is your very important decision. As an Irish company, we try to introduce a new look at Care Homes and your personal choice is to our heart, and is entered into our work ethic. In everything we do, we are guided by our approach, that is the most important person to provide the high quality care in a warm, safe home environment.

As you may have noticed, we use the butterfly in our logo. The Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu once said: “What the caterpillar may seem like the end for the rest of the world means butterfly.” It symbolizes the promise, offering everyone an exciting and satisfying the beginning of a new phase of their lives, and in the case of employees, career.

All are committed to improving the quality of the environment, which allows residents to enjoy a life of happiness, comfort and a secure environment and our medical staff can enjoy rewarding and satisfying work.

FirstCare is eager to attract and retain the most qualified and dedicated employees, and has a reputation as an excellent employer which offers a dynamic work environment in which the work team, individual development and implementation are noticed and rewarded.

Our commitment to their staff is second to none. Employee development, competitive salaries and benefits, offer a friendly, helpful and flexible working environment.

  • The remuneration of € 18- 19 / h – € 35 000- 36 500 per year
  • The opportunity to start working already as a pre registered nurse with a rate of € 12.50 (for those interested)
  • HCA – The ability to work as a health care assistant in anticipation of NMBI PIN

If you want to win a job with Firstcare, you will work for a real, focused on the good of the individual, organization. Resident, can get the most out of life, especially while maintaining all the clinical standards of care.

This is an organization that works, and not just talking, making considerable investments to develop the model to direct the attention to the unit.

This is an organization that understands that dementia does not necessarily mean the end of life, and that the resident must be supported adequately by filling someone else’s world, no matter how small it may seem, through the stimulation and pleasure. 1 in 4 of us will be in a similar situation in the future, so let us work together for a better tomorrow for our residents and staff.

If this sounds like a place you’d like to work, then read on.

Our decisions regarding recruitment will be made on the basis of personality, potential candidate and the skills and knowledge. We are looking for nurses to our organization that really want to make changes for the better. Nurses who want to learn as much as to teach others. Nurses who are proud to see that the team around them to grow and enjoy with their work, and, above all, are proud of the quality of life of its residents.

  • Registration in NMBI or the ability to register
  • Passion for what you do
  • Experience in care of the elderly would be beneficial, but not necessary