Step 2: Financial Assessment

Your information is used to complete the Financial Assessment which determines your contribution to your care and your corresponding level of financial assistance (“State Support”).

This must be done by all applicants.

The Financial Assessment looks at your income and assets in order to work out what your contribution to care will be. The HSE will then pay the balance of your cost of care.

EG: If the cost of your care was €1,000 and your weekly contribution was €300, the HSE will pay the weekly balance of €700.

  • This payment by the HSE is called ‘State Support’.
  • The Financial Assessment looks at all of your income and assets.

Your Income and Assets

Income includes any earnings, pension income, social welfare benefits/ allowances, rental income, income from holding an office or directorship, income from fees, commissions, dividends or interest, or any income which you have transferred in the 5 years leading up to your application.

Broadly speaking, an asset is any material property or wealth, including property or wealth outside of the State.

If you have a spouse or a partner living at home, the assessment will be based on half of the couple’s combined income and assets.

EG: If a couple’s income was €600 per week, the assessment of the person needing care would be based on 50% of €600, or €300. In other words, the person needing care would be considered to have a total income of €300 per week.

A couple is defined as (a) a married couple who are living together or (b) a heterosexual or same sex couple who are cohabiting as life partners for at least three years. The assessment will not take into account the income of other relatives such as your children.

Typical Information Required by the HSE

  • Documentary evidence of assets held (bank, credit union statements etc)
  • Details of income (occupational pension and state pension, rental income, royalties and annuities)
  • Details of property, land or valuables owned by you and your spouse or partner, whether within the state or outside.
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