Common Concerns

‘Home care is a better option – we’ll try that.’

Most likely, you have recognised some concerns with your, or your loved ones, current living arrangement, and that’s why you started searching for something different.

Even though 24-hour home care is more expensive, many people and families choose it because they’re overwhelmed and saddened by the thought of a move. Home care suits many but it is not always the best solution. There can be much gained from choosing a community within a Nursing Home where people are assisted to live their lives to the fullest.

‘I don’t want to push my loved one. It’s their decision. I want this, but I’m afraid to push too hard right now.’

The number one reason older people are concerned with moving to a home is the fear of losing their independence. It’s important to consider how independent you/your loved one is currently.  The person may not be able to drive or move around on their own, or they may need assistance with everyday tasks. As well-intentioned as you families are there are times where it needs to be acknowledged that people cannot provide the 24/7 care and assistance that is needed and you can’t do it all by yourself.

Think about what could be gained from a move – write down the positives, negatives, and possible opportunities for all involved. In our homes, people have all their needs met, the option of enjoying company and delicious dining on-site. Peope can take part in entertainment and social opportunities at their leisure. If they feel like relaxing in their room and watching TV, they can do that, too. We can help them maintain their independence for as long as possible in a safe environment. The important thing is they still have choice – and options are always available.

‘I should be doing more, and I feel guilty that I can’t.’

You’re not alone, helping older family members deal with the challenges of growing old and not being able to manage alone is very hard – for you and for them. Having this conversation is probably one of the hardest conversations you will ever have but your loved one’s safety and quality of life is what’s important.

No matter how hard you work, you simply can’t provide the enriching lifestyle that comes with a home – including a real choice of meals and activities and friendships with people of their own generation. It’s not fair for you to put so much pressure on yourself and feel guilty that you can’t do it all when homes are available to do just that – assist you (and your loved one) to get the most out of life.

‘I swore to Mum/Dad/loved one I would never put them in a ‘home’.’

Modern care facilities aren’t the same as nursing homes of the past. This generation has better options. FirstCare homes are more like moving into a community full of active adults, events, choices and assistance when the person needs it.

All homes have standards to meet and are inspected by HIQA and therefore you/your loved one can be more assured that a nursing home will provide the right care and support. 

‘I’m worried about protecting my/Mum/Dad’s money.’

Believe it or not, choosing a nursing home early may actually be one of the best ways to protect your family’s finances. The fact is that crisis-driven responses cost a lot of money. An unfortunate but very real part of aging is that when something bad happens, it’s expensive. FirstCare nursing homes reduce that risk and provide immediate support when it’s needed.

At FirstCare, we have several Social Workers that help people and families to understand all financial issues as well as coping with the major life changes you’re experiencing. Discuss your situation with our Fair Deal specialist and get support with your application. This Fair Deal support service is free, but limited due to demand.


‘I don’t want to sell my parents’ house. That’s my childhood home, and there are so many memories there.’

Sooner or later, you’ll have to consider and make decisions about the family home. The Fair Deal scheme deals with a lot of this. Families may also take their time in deciding about the house rather than having to manage that decision in the midst of a crisis.

FirstCare also have a Social Worker that assists people and families to understand the Fair Deal process and supports them through the application. FirstCare does not change any fees for this service. 

‘What if I/loved one hates it?’

People’s choice is central and most important to ensuring a person lives a happy and fulfilled life. Residents/families are able to provide all nursing homes with notice that they will be leaving the home. Therefore, make sure to do your homework and have some other options available for example other homes, home care or independent living facilities if there are indications the person is not happy where they are. We would suggest at least four weeks to settle in and make a decision as to whether or not this was the right move for your family.

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