Our Values

FirstCare is committed to providing Person-Centred care in accordance with evidence-based practice.

We will ensure that all our residents live in an environment that is comfortable, safe and clean with the greatest dignity, support and respect possible awarded to them by appropriately qualified and trained staff.

We value the resident’s physical, social, spiritual and psychological well-being and will strive to become familiar with, retain, share and enjoy the individual personhood of residents living with us.

Person Centred approach

The key to all of our values is a person centred approach to providing quality care in a warm, secure and homely environment, where the resident’s experience is at the core of all that we do and central in all decision making. This person centred approach is promoted as an organizational culture including how employees experience their work and environment. 

With residents, staff and families working together we make everyday life in the nursing home social, stimulating, engaging and as enjoyable as possible for everyone. 

Within this core value, it is a given that compassion, accountability, respect and empathy (CARE) are demonstrated throughout all of our services.  


The Butterfly is our symbol. The Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu said, ‘what the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls the butterfly’. We reflect this at FirstCare by offering each of our residents a helpful and affirmative new beginning to the next phase of their life. And we offer them citizenship.

Citizenship is about being included in a society and participating in it, about equality of opportunity for all, about rights and responsibilities. We support our residents and staff  in being valued within the community of the home, the local neighbourhood and the wider community. We aim to inspire hope and nurture the well-being of the person to reach their goals and best outcomes. 


We believe in partnerships with residents, families, staff, local communities, health sector communities, and other supporting organisations to deliver exceptional outcomes.

This means involving people through good communication, listening well, sharing information, working on solutions together, welcoming diversity and treating all with sensitivity, dignity and respect. 

Quality – desire to be the best

We are passionate about what we do and strive for excellence. We are driven to deliver the best outcomes and highest quality services utilising all the talents within our workforce. We are a learning organisation with a focus on continuous quality improvement through planning, implementing, monitoring and acting. 

Integrity – being fair and honest

We build relationships with residents, families, our teams and other stakeholders based on honesty and trust, adhering to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility. We are accountable for the services delivered and maintain relationships in a non-judgmental approach, respecting diversity and managing differences in a respectful manner as they arise.  


We hire the right people for the role to achieve our goal of providing person centred care that demonstrate the values of the company. We value teamwork across all departments and teams so that we can maximise the talent available within the organisation in order  to be a leader within the nursing home sector. We actively promote learning and development that endorses our culture of continuous improvement and drives excellence within the group. Our team extends to those we work with external to the organisation, as their valued input further cements our vision to be the undisputed leader in the sector. 

With FirstCare’s person-centered care culture you can expect that:

  • You are given more choice regarding the type of care you receive and the types of activities offered for you to partake in
  • Decisions regarding your care are made in a collaborate manner involving you and your appropriate significant others
  • Daily work is organised to be flexible and empower staff to respond to the changing needs and personal desires of all residents
  • Staff are encouraged to get to know and develop closer relationships with the residents living with us

  • Staff are encouraged to promote special individual person-centered moments with residents which creates satisfaction for all involved
  • The nursing home environment is designed to provide a more homely, cosy and safe feel for you to enjoy living in
  • The following underlying principles of person-centered care are close to our hearts and minds as we live with and care for our residents

Every resident has strengths, gifts and contributions to offer

  • Every resident has hopes, dreams and desires
  • Every resident is the primary authority on his or her life
  • Every resident must be given the opportunity to express preferences and make choices
  • A resident’s choice and preferences shall always be considered

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